The Solution - The Ice Corral

Please read through the bullet points of External link opens in new tab or windowthe NYC window a/c installation requirements.

The last one, I’ve added myself… (“Install the Ice Corral according to specifications”)

My goal is to get the Dept. of Buildings (D.O.B.) to revise and add the IC installation as a requirement to their already existing outline of requirements.

I will make one final point, the Ice corral is not a microchip, nor a cure for a rare decease, but a basic rudimentary simple, practical solution to a very serious life threatening condition,…. falling ice. Further, it just may save your life, or a loved one’s, and quite possibly, a research scientist that is working on a cure for a rare decease.

There is a misnomer that the IC will collect more snow. I'd like to point out that snow is lighter than air therefore it drops in creating a buildup with or without the ice corral as shown in the photo's taken on Saturday 12/17 @ 7:30 am.