Invention: “ The Ice Corral” an innovated snow barrier

My Name is John Faldetta the creator of the Ice Corral. A few years back on a cold February day. While walking back to my apartment on East 54th Street in New York City a block of Ice fell from high above, approx..  10/12 ft. in front of me.

WOW, I can’t begin to tell you how shocked and scared I was. The ice hit with such dense impact, I knew, if that ice had hit me, I would have suffered a very serious injury, and quite possibly, would have cost me my life.

I collected myself, ran to the middle of the street, looked up to see water dripping off an air conditioner high up on the 15th floor. I wondered,… how could water be dripping on such a brutally cold day, was it a leak?

The day was sunny, windy and bitterly cold. Could this be the reason for the falling ice? NO WAY! The temperature at the time was about 15 degrees.